Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Treasurer

Hi Everybody,

We would like to introduce our new Treasurer that will volunteer his time for the HI-ASM Student Chapter... *drum rolls* Please welcome... James Kelley to our team!

James will be collecting the fees for the upcoming Meeting @ 3660 on the Rise...
Become an ASM $10 for the local Hawaii Branch membership, so it does not include the National ASM membership. The local Hawaii Branch membership is good for a whole year, so you only pay the membership price for meeting events. $6 dinner @ 3660 on the Rise...
Quick reminder
RSVP by November 6, so please hand in your fees to James before Nov. 6....He will take it up to the main Manoa campus. So don't forget to thank him!

Feel free to post/email if you have any questions on this blog or